The Key to Crack CA, CS

Dear Students,

Not sure on how to go about planning for CA & CS exams is the problem which mostly confronts every
aspiring student.

Undoubtly, cracking CA & CS exams is not a cake walk but “pre-preparedness” is half the battle won. In other words the hot burning question is what all comes under umbrella of pre-preparedness. Dear friends, it’s a wider term with time management being one of its most important element. You have to tighten your seat belts right from the onset of preparation rather than waiting for doom day to come.

An effective plan for time management can help you in striking the perfect balance between home, coaching classes & college life. It starts with taking time for organizing the priorities and preferences. In this way you can give yourself the best chance of staying on track and organized during exam period. This in turn would help you to reduce your stress level, something which would make a difference between success & failure in your CA & CS exams. At the very first stage of improving your time management, you need to list down everything that you have to do. In certain cases, certain students leave important tasks until the last minute which can have a deep impact on the overall performance in the exams.

Always plan for a Pin-up planner, A time table or a calendar on your phone. You can always select an organizing tool from the above which works well for you & in which you can add your list of priorities to plan your study periods during the crucial time. In managing time there are never ending distractions. You would have interruptions via calls and so on. For better time management you need to stay away from these distractions which would leave you with ample time for reaching the Zenith.

You need to plan diligently & aptly the time to be devoted for socializing, attending classes & individual self study.

Friends, do remember TIME & TIDE wait for none so it’s NOW or NEVER.

Blog by CS. DIMPLE SAHANI (Faculty of M. Law at CA-CPT level in Vidyapeeth)

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