how to prepare for CPT

How to prepare for CPT?

CA course has been a extreme profession since decades and in recent time it’s scope has also gained popularity in terms of getting high salary jobs and work in many multinational companies. Due to a best career option in this profession huge no. Of candidates apply for CA CPT every year as CPT is the first step to clear for entering in this course. However not everyone clear the exam who joined this CPT, due to lack of it’s preparation and knowledge about the subjects many student get failed every year. Although passing the CA CPT is not so tough but many times due to non availability of proper guidance and knowledge it becomes quite difficult.

Here are some important things to remember while preparing of CA CPT.

The first thing is ,you have to make your mind clear that the CPT is only entry level exam hence there is no more difficulty in passing it, and your hesitation will end up.

Secondly you can not win until you have done with a good plan means scheduling of your preparation is must. So the student who is desires of doing CA CPT first of all have to know the importance of each and every subject of CPT. Wherein accountancy is considered one of the best scoring subject if you get maximum marks In this subject , it will help to gain over the others.


Besides a student must be dedicated fully to clear CPT exam as just after clearing of it you would be amongst a brilliant one, your confidential level will automatically boost after the clearing of CA CPT exam but the only thing which required in this exam is your own will power and good knowledge about the subject , a little bit strategy toward this CA CPT will take you there you want be.


Timing is wining mantra:-


Another important factor which lead you to clear this CA CPT exam is the time management as here in this exam in less time one is required to finish his exam well. So a student first try to solve those question which is very easy to them and then after should try to move further. By doing so students can use their available time in proper manner.


Boost your mind & keep healthy :-


Stay healthy all the time is also very good to your mind, if your are healthy enough then your mind will always be healthy and boosted. A healthy mind is necessary to win over the exam of CA CPT so it is recommended to all the student of CA CPT to look after their health along with the preparation of Exam. So an aspirant of CA CPT should eat healthy food and exercise daily to keep them fit all the time.


Choose your Mentor:-


A student of CA CPT must take caution while selecting his mentor. A good teacher will always help you in best possible ways. If your teacher is knowledgeable one he can lead you in right direction and able to clear you’re all doubts easily.

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